The rising rate of unemployment is creating a massive problem in Pakistan, especially for the residents of Balochistan who have been searching for work to be able to feed their families twice a day. Unfortunately, the Balochistan government has failed to employ its citizens. Day by day, the rate of unemployment is increasing in the richest province where citizens are facing acute problems in living peacefully.

The estimation might be more than 90 percent in most areas of the province, where students, experts, particle workers and others are not putting their energy in right places, as they are not being employed to work for the development of their own city. Being a student of Economics, I have been asking the residents of Turbat city about the issue, and got the response that the authorities have not brought betterment in their lives as the majority of jobs are given to the kin of officers who have authority in relevant departments. Meanwhile, qualified and educated laborers are utilizing their energy in private schools just for 8 - 10,000 rupees per month in order to sustain their livelihoods. They have Masters or BA degrees and are in search of peon jobs, but they are being robbed of these opportunities to support themselves and their families.

I speak for the unemployed and poor laborers who wish to see an end to the rising rate of unemployment in Balochistan, and are struggling to manage their families and educate their children. Moreover, the inflation rate is expected to be higher day by day, so how can a laborer tolerate the rising prices of daily necessities without employment? Lastly, it is a humble request to the new government of Balochistan to employee its residents, and allow them utilize their energy in the right places so they can contribute to the development of the province.


Balochistan, February 4.