History tells us that nations rise and fall depending on their unity against enemies. Arabs, as long as they remained united, ruled over large areas of Spain and Europe for 800 years. As soon as they started power struggles within and disintegrated, Isabella and Ferdinand - rulers of Aragon and Castile - formed a united front in 1492, raising a strong army.

They conquered local Arab rulers, who were clashing with each other for lust of power. Finally, the grand state of Grenada also fell and Arabs lost everything due to lack of cohesion and unity. Our politicians with different ideologies need to forge a united front, at least for external opponents, or we won’t get anywhere. They need to put up a solid front to display solidarity with the people of Indian held Kashmir.

Just declaring a holiday on Feb 5 and taking out small rallies in distinct groups is a sign of disunity, not solidarity. At least for this purpose, there should be one united rally of all parties. Such a huge display of unity is likely to draw greater attention from the world, and provide great moral support to the people of held Kashmir who have struggling against Indian brutality for a long time.


Islamabad, February 5.