Bold leadership remains steadfast and unshakeable to his promise, even if there is mound of stumbling block in front of them. They never think about the consequences and aftermath effects, but proved their mettle in the face of difficulty. PM Imran khan, no doubt has remained very strong during his sports leadership when he was captain of Pakistan’s team. He brought respect and glory for the country that is worthless and unmatchable. But, his debut in politics almost more than two decades now, was on account of justice, accountability and honor to Nation. Unquestionably, PM khan efforts have restored the image of country at international level, the world is looking toward Pakistan with respect, and bit by bit the positive image of the country is strengthening at global level. The strong leadership of few nations visited previous year in Pakistan, tourism is increasing day by day. Recently, UK and USA have issued and revised tourist destination of Pakistan. The UNO have showed its confidence and declared Pakistan a safer place for tourism and much more. This was a distant dream, if PM khan has not lobbied and played his role with sincerity.

Apart from that, another thing that direly needs, bold stance to sustain pressure from abroad. We are an independent and sovereign nation. We don’t need to comply someone else dictation, we have a much stronger Army which is highly equipped and capable enough to protect and guard the country. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is facing very severe economic condition which require financial assistance and friends, but that must not be at the cost of national honor and prestige. This is a bitter truth that there is neither permanent friend nor enemy in this world. Friend and relations are driven by vested interest. So, for the sake of someone else interest why we make hostile with others. Pm Imran khan, decision to participate in next year summit in Malaysia is welcome step to sustain Pressure finally while facing so much pressure from abroad and close friends.