Okara                  -          The uncle of a cemetery caretaker was caught committing inhuman desecration of a dead woman.

Sources said relative of the caretaker was habitual of doing this devilish act. In Village Joiya, Sharif Muhammad Ashraf of Khanpur had been living for years with his nephew who was caretaker of the local graveyard. The people whose relatives were buried there fell in suspicion when they witnessed around the graves marks of re-digging and re-pouring of soil. They started secret watch of the cemetery.

Previous night, the villagers caught Muhammad Ashraf digging the newly-made grave of a woman and committing rape with the dead body. The villagers captured him and handed him over to police.

Under police investigation Ashraf acknowledged that he used to commit evil act whenever a woman was buried there. The police had been conducting investigation further on this evil incident.

Mentally-retarded man drowns in river

A mentally-retarded young man drowned in the River Sutlej. The Rescue 1122 searched out the corpse after 6 hours struggle. The mentally-retarded 24-year-old youngman Bshir s/o Muhammad Sharif of village Ratteki, stepped into riverwater and went ahead. He drowned in the depth of river. Rescue 1122 was informed. The staff searched the body for 6 hours and succeeded to drag him to earth. The district incharge Rescue 1122 Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal also participated in the operation.

Hotel worker


A hotel employee died of electric shock at a local hotel in Renala Khurd Muzammil, 20, was repairing electricity wires, when he received electric shock and died on the spot.