Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rahid has said that Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports were not fabricated and she still stands with them.

Health Minister said that government and court granted conditional permission to Nawaz Sharif to get treatment abroad but full details of his treatment were not provided to the government.

Addressing a ceremony in Lahore, Yasmin Rashid said that she personally went through all medical reports of Nawaz Sharif. Ex-PM was allowed to get treatment abroad on condition that his reports will be sent to government for regular verification, she added.

Dr Yasmin said that Nawaz Sharif had not been admitted to any hospital for 16 weeks, which means that treatment in Pakistan was effective and improved his condition. She claimed that Dr Adnan was also onboard regarding health reports of Nawaz Sharif.

Talking about growing threat of coronavirus in the country, she said that authorities are making full efforts to prevent spread of the virus. 57 countries have confirmed cases of the coronavirus, but condition in Pakistan is much better.

She informed the people that special wards have been set up inside all hospital and government is conducting meetings on daily basis. She also urged masses to take all necessary precautionary measures and patients suffering from the disease should wear masks. NNI