A passenger from Iran could enter in Pakistan only after prior screening and monitoring of coronavirus within Iran under an understanding between the two countries, sources said on Sunday.

Pakistan has decided to enforce a mechanism in coordination with Iran amid coronavirus fears, which is already being implemented for movement between Pakistan and China.

Under the mechanism the entry of passengers in Pakistan from Iran will be conditioned with their prior screening test and completing a monitoring period of two weeks, according to sources.

The health officials of Iran will conduct screening of each passenger before their crossing the border. The people will be allowed entry in Pakistan after they will be declared clear of the virus after screening and monitoring for two weeks, sources added.

Iranian authorities will keep the passengers at isolation centres for two weeks before allowing them moving to Pakistan, sources said.

“If the virus detected in a person during the monitoring period they will be treated in Iran by the local authorities,” sources said.

“If they will get clear in the screening test and monitoring they will enter in Pakistan and will be retained at isolation centres for further two weeks for screening and monitoring,” sources said.

After completion of the monitoring period the passengers will be granted permission for entry in Pakistan, sources added.

Moreover, Balochistan health department has wholly allocated Shaikh Zayed Hospital in Quetta for likely patients of novel coronavirus and suspended general services in the hospital for the time being.

All four general wards of the hospital have been converted into isolation wards for patients of coronavirus, officials added.