Over the past couple of years, International Cricket has started to pave its ways back to the stadiums of Pakistan. Teams from other countries that would previously be hesitant have now started to feel safer while pursuing these friendly competitions. These recent developments act as proof of how Pakistan is starting to recover from false labels such as “a country of terrorists” owing to the unforgettable incident which occurred in 2009. On the 3rd of March, an attack occurred on a bus comprising of members from the Sri Lankan cricket team. In this unfortunate incident, six Sri Lankan cricketers were wounded and eight Pakistani’s lost their lives.

Now after many years of this unfortunate event, Pakistan is back on a track hosting numerous fixtures with teams from other nations such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. One of the major turnarounds for this was the Pakistan Super League which hosted countless extremely well-renowned cricketers and steadily gave people the realisation that Pakistan isn’t actually what it has been rumoured to be. Now what can we do to ensure that Pakistan continues to prosper in this field?

The question that arises is, how will Pakistan continue this growing trend of international cricket on its turfs? Nothing can guarantee this, however, a few actions if taken can greatly increase its chances. Some technologies should be introduced in stadiums that will aid in making the sport easily understandable and less time-consuming.

Sensors should be installed in the boundaries and bails in order to make it clear when a batsman has gotten out or has hit a boundary. An official cricket shopping store should be opened outside the stadium containing memorable moments of Pakistani crickets as well as Pakistani Team kits and cricket equipment. This will not only allow foreign visitors to experience the sporting success of Pakistan in the past but also be a source of revenue generation that can enable PCB to invest in new technologies to improve the standards of their stadiums.

One of the major factors is the stadiums. If compared to other renowned stadiums in the world such as that at Lord’s in England; Stadiums such as the Qaddafi Stadium fall way short of that standard. First preference would obviously be new, well-constructed and well-equipped stadiums. Since that can prove to be costly and time-consuming however, alterations and additions can be made to our existing stadiums such as new seats, easy and accessible entry and exit points.

One of the major problems for spectators is traffic congestion. Since most of our stadiums are located in city centres, ongoing matches result in roads being blocked. Due to this blockage, countless individuals are affected.

Another action which could be implemented is to hire a team of people that specifically perform the job of arranging tours and cricket fixtures between teams. Interviews should be taken and people should be selected from all over Pakistan and even from other countries. To encourage not only foreign teams but foreign spectators as well, hotels should be made near such stadiums since an average series can last anywhere between a weak and a month, more people will be inclined towards being a part of it if they can be guaranteed safe and comfortable living during their stay.

One final thing that the PCB can do as an organisation is to visit other countries on cricketing tours more frequently. It is quite promising to see how the Pakistani team may be paying a visit to both Ireland and Netherlands and even more countries over the course of 2020. This practice should be carried on so that friendly relations can be maintained and teams are more comfortable visiting Pakistan if the teams and cricket boards have cordial relations between each other.