The fear that General Petraeus will intensify the drone attacks and would literally bomb us back to the stone age in his new assignment as the head of the CIA is not groundless. Given the mans reputation for use of brute force in Iraq, his strategy in Afghanistan that only increased collateral damage, and above all else, his hatred and distrust of Pakistan and its intelligence outfit the ISI, there is little doubt that as a commander of the drone operations, he will unleash a reign of terror and bloodshed on our soil. General Petraeus in the drones control room would be like a bull in a china shop with Pakistan at the receiving end of his madness and fury. His track record in various command positions show him as a character with a fascist bent of mind and particularly one who is a typical personification of the evil called the Neo-Cons. But another reason why his appointment as the CIA chief is the source of worry for us is that the US is in the process of getting out of Afghanistan and wants to make Pakistan a scapegoat for the prevailing mess. As part and parcel of this policy, the Americans intend to broaden the drones operations and as reports suggest might even resort to ground attacks. The Obama administration knows that General Petraeus who has rightly been criticised as the 'political general would leave no stone unturned to make that possible. There is no doubt that tough days are ahead of us. But it is a shame that instead of getting ready to clear the decks for reacting to the US aggression in a befitting manner, Prime Minister Gilani has, much to the chagrin of the entire nation admitted defeat the other day. His statement that the country cannot go to war with the US over drone attacks only shows how lily livered he is. But he is also forgetting that the US is already at war with Pakistan. Thousands have been killed in the drone attacks and its backlash is resulting in deadly bomb attacks in literally every nook and cranny of the country. Apart from that the sinister US spy network and its army of covert operatives is engaged in activities that are hurting our stability. One wonders if we are waiting for the drones to cause havoc in our main urban centres? Under the circumstances, the US needs to be shown firm resistance by the PPP-led government as well as by all those who call themselves the guardian angels of the country. People cannot be faulted for believing that the large section of our leadership lacks what it takes to talk turkey with the Americans and foil their evil designs against the dear homeland. The political government is failing to realise that the more ground it concedes, the more liberty the US will take and will act to destabilise us.