The recently announced reconciliation of PPP with PML(Q) with the aim of offering several ministries in Federal Government to latter is a sad reflection on the state of politics in the country. The basis of this unholy alliance is passing the budget by PPP for the year 2011-2012 and relief to PML(Q) from cases against a relative of a political leader by appointment of a crony investigating officer to hush up a case of corruption. This is open nepotism on the part of PML(Q) to aim to extend undue favour to a relative which is the only basis of so-called reconciliation. This also amounts to breach of oath of elected leaders, which precludes favouritism as it is repugnant to the Constitution that enshrines equality before law. This is the height of dishonesty that the ulterior objective of joining the Federal Government by PML(Q) is being known to all concerned. What is the guarantee for the success of this dubious alliance in case PPP drops the PML(Q) after passing the budget like a hot potato. Limited and short-term undue benefits to be derived by vested interests is not a good omen for democracy. According to a Persian couplet, the thief is so bold that he carries a lantern at night to commit a theft. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 30.