The other day my friend had a burglary committed at his home. When I asked him if he has registered a case, he said no and explained that an FIR would allow the police to come and harass him and his family. Also cases in the Pakistani court rooms take ages to reach a conclusion and generally its the wrong conclusion. This is the same thing that happened with Mukhtaran Mia. After being gang-raped in 2001, the Chief Justice of Pakistan took Suo Moto action against the culprits and registered a case. After more the 10 years, the courts announced their verdict, which was that the culprits be released as the FIR lodged in the police station had missing information. Does this mean that the courts took 10 years just to discuss and analyze the FIR information only? The Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan had taken the right decision to try to reduce the time required by a judge to give a decision on a case from the general 10 years to 6 months only. Unfortunately, this excellent order of the Chief Justice of Pakistan was never completed and even now the latest cases are taking more than 6 months to be completed. Mr. Chief Justice of Pakistan, unless the people of Pakistan can get cheap and easy Justice, we cannot become as successful nation. Therefore please try to implement your earlier decision of ending all cases in 6 months. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, April 29.