The Punjab governments decision to have a separate Power Department, hiving it off from the present Irrigation and Power Department may well reflect constitutional realities, but it also reflects the crying need of the hour. The decision was announced by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in a meeting of the provincial Cabinet on Friday, and was taken along with the approval of the hydel projects that Mian Shahbaz had recently made with Chinese companies during his visit to China. The new department will oversee these projects both during construction and operation. However, while in this time of constant loadshedding, it is not yet known what role the Punjab government, and more specifically its head, Mian Shahbaz, are playing to get the Kalabagh Dam project executed. Though the project became prominent during the last monsoon, because if it had been there, according to experts, the effects of the floods would have been greatly mitigated. At the same time, if it had been built according to schedule, there would have been electricity available. This is not to discount the importance of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam being built. If the electricity it generates is not available for nation-building, Pakistan will find itself as short of electricity as at present. However, the Kalabagh Dam is being systematically opposed, either by the enemies of Pakistan because they have cast a covetous eye on the waters it would use, or certain parochial vested interests which base their politics on opposition to the Dam, as well as a pre-Partition doing of Congress desires. The ruling PPP is not only determined itself not to build the Kalabagh Dam, but has these same forces as allies. The Punjab government should not beat around the bush any more and must tackle the loadshedding problem as directly as possible. The new Department must not only prepare to supervise provincial projects, but also advocate those like the Kalabagh Dam.