It is beyond any doubt that China is Pakistans most reliable strategic partner and this relationship is time-tested and withstood all international pressures. Reflections of these unbreakable bonds could be witnessed in various spheres of life. We have experienced our diplomatic relations, spread over six decades with the United States that have resulted in betrayals on at least a dozen occasions. Be that Pakistans war with India in 1971, our nuclear programme, supply of F-16s, blockage of economic assistance under one amendment or another, we have been betrayed by the successive US Administrations. The most unfortunate aspect is that our rulers have never learnt any lesson and continued to play the role of an ally and never realised that we have been rendered as a client state. This is how American leaders have always treated us and are treating us today. Successive governments in Pakistan have been guilty of criminal neglect that they did not look for other options with one exception in 1951, where establishing diplomatic relations with Peoples Republic of China were considered necessary. Now we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of relationship based on mutual trust, sincerity and commitment. During all these decades, high-level exchanges between the two sides have been a routine that have proved to be beneficial mutually. Both Pakistan and China have, over years supported each other on all matters of national and international significance. Be that the Kashmir conflict, Taiwan, One China Policy, Sino-India hostilities Including Tibet dispute, Pakistans nuclear programme, Beijing and Islamabad have always spoken with one voice at all international and bilateral forums. It was in the background that Foreign Secretary, Salman Basheer embarked upon a journey to Beijing to participate in the fourth round of Strategic Dialogue. His meetings with senior officials of the Chinese Foreign Ministry were held in an atmosphere of comprehensive understanding and mutual trust. They agreed that the high-level contacts should continue uninterrupted. China undoubtedly is a power that Pakistan could lean back on since it has offered cooperation and assistance in all spheres of life. Beijing is coming in a big way to help Pakistan in energy sector and its experts are working in large number with their Pakistan counterparts to explore all resources to overcome the power shortage so that our industrial units could resume productivity and people at large could get rid of the menace of load-shedding. China is one country that is helping us without asking anything in return. So much so that its financial assistance is without any strings unlike the United States.