Departure from the political scene of Honsi Mubarak sort of President for Egypt who was a dependable ally of Israel and the US, has greatly upset the Israelis and their patron-in-chief the United States. Now the reconciliation between Mahmoud Abbass PLA and Hamas has done the rest: it is giving them both nightmares, with the US considering cutting down or even stopping altogether the aid it gives to PLA. While the European countries also favour Israel at the cost of Arabs, they are not as 'sold out to Israel as the United States is. US leaders seem to consider that they acquire their powers through, and exercise their powers with the permission of pro-Israel lobbies who, by the way, are also big donors to their campaign funds. Hence the Americans try to arrange the whole Middle East in a way that suits Israel, removing irritants for Israel like Iraq, and with eyes on Iran. After a statement from Israel that it considers nuclear Pakistan to be an even greater threat than Iran, the US is after Pakistan. President Obama seems to be quite convinced that if he can somehow dismember and defang Pakistan, he would have earned a right to get into the White House a second time and pro-Israel lobbies will just usher him in there, so he is using all of the US resources to fulfil his personal ambition, without a thought of what will it all do the millions of suffering people, mostly Muslims, all around the globe. However, American policies do not seem to work well. It wanted to curb Iranian influence yet ended up increasing it through Iraq invasion. According to press reports, US government was facilitating and funding uprisings in the Middle East yet here again it ended up bringing about just the opposite of what it wanted. The happenings in Egypt are really a big shock to Israel as well as to the US, which are basically two sides of the same coin. If the US continues making unnatural alliances in negation of the principles of justice and fair play for all, it is bound to end up facing more of such situations in future. It wants to ensure the security of United States and its citizens and in order to achieve this objective, it is killing innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan which has turned them all against the Americans. A recent incident in Afghanistan where an Afghan pilot, a mature person aged fifty, and not a crude Talib, shot dead nine NATO soldiers over some argument just shows the level of anger natives feel against the foreigners. Imran Khan who is getting ever more popular by the day, has started his campaign against drones which he wants to spread countrywide in case of another drone attack. I am sure people will stand by him and will block NATO supplies and that will be just the beginning. So, how many fronts the US will fight on. If it keeps extending and expanding its activities and continues overspending borrowed money on futile misadventures, it will end up like the USSR. China is a big power but it lives in peace and we do not feel threatened by it. On the contrary we are proud of our friendship with China. I wish the United States adopted policies of peaceful coexistence, with justice and fair play for all, advising Israel to do the same. If the US and Israel did that, they wont have to worry about what happens in Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere. If they remove the causes which give rise to Muslim anger, they would have nothing to fear and the great reservoir of hatred against them will start dwindling and will disappear over time. That is what the US and Israel should work for instead of making artificial and unnatural alliances which are being swept away in the prevailing wind of change in the Middle East. Middle East is big enough to accommodate both Israelis and Arabs living in peace side by side. Going a step further, our planet is big enough to sustain all its inhabitants. So, instead of employing divisive policies, setting people and countries against each other, US could do better by using its special status as a super power and its resources to bring peace and tranquillity by solving problems instead of creating and expanding conflicts, and thus increasing its own problems along with those of others. It could learn a lot from China on the subject of peaceful coexistence, if it wanted to. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, April 30.