BROOKLYN GN - A US company has launched what it claims to be a ‘self-cleaning shirt’.

Wool&Prince’s Kickstarter-funded new wool shirt can apparently be worn for 100 days without needing to be washed.

The company explained that the shirt rarely needs washing as the fabric is naturally resistant to odours. The fabric is also resistant to creasing, with the company claiming that the shirt will not crumple even if stuffed into a gym bag. However, the firm advises that when the shirts do get washed, this is done by dry-cleaning or gentle washing only.

The wool used for the shirts can apparently be bent back on itself 20,000 times without breaking, as opposed to cotton, which will bend just 3,200 times.

Wool is more efficient at absorbing sweat, meaning that it doesn’t lie on the surface of the shirt allowing bacteria to develop, a process which results in odour.

A spokesman for Wool&Prince said that although they would be surprised if customers went three months without washing the shirt, they are more than happy for people to test them on their claims. “If you want to go for the 100 Day Challenge, we aren’t going to stop you,” they commented.