Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw an attention towards the service of new rickshaws named ‘CALL A RIK’ circulating in our country. It is an innovative mode of public transportation especially developed for passengers accompanying children. This project is launched by Penta Enterprises on July 24, 2012, the vehicle is designed considering the passenger’s comfort, and it is safe and secure from sound and dust pollution and even faster than others. LCD screen and headphones for every passenger who wants to entertain themselves while travelling to any place.

Each vehicle is installed with a tracking device; if any passenger forgets anything in a rickshaw they can easily find his location. The company charge Rs.10 per kilometer but Rs.100 is the minimum fare of any ride below 10 kilometer. They have 27 rickshaws with fully covered doors and glass windows. The idea which received 6,135 likes on its Facebook page was originated by Mohsin Dharsi’s. Dharsi also received feedback from friends in Bangladesh who want to replicate the project there. When asked how much business Dharsi has done, he replied with a laugh, “This is not a business venture, this is a social project. The ‘CALL A RIK’ is not my source of income. Right now there is no profit, but once the network spreads it will run on its own”.

This service deserves more exposure and appreciation, it will provide civilians with a safe and entertaining ride. Passengers can get this service at their door steps. Currently the country is suffering from CNG problem that makes a rickshaw drivers life miserable. Our government and some other forces do not appreciate any innovations that can make the life of the general public easy. The government should promote this idea and encourage these brave entrepreneurs as well as introduce them in other cities.


Karachi, April 18.