LAHORE (PR): The Bank of Punjab held its Annual General Meeting on 30 April, 2013, which was attended by the bank’s directors, management and a large number of its shareholders. The bank’s financials forth year ending 31 December, 2012, were approved at the meeting. According to these financials, the bank’s profit after tax amounted to RS 1.6 billion which only stood at RS 0.35 billion for the previous fiscal year. The profit after tax for the fiscal year ending 2012 thus witnessed an increase of 370pc. BOP’s income per share also increased to Rs 3.09 from last year’s Rs 0.66.

Similarly, the Bank’s deposits and loans increased by 12pc and 18pc respectively, amounting to Rs 266.0 billion and Rs 149.6 billion in that order.

.Naeemuddin Khan, President of BoP, thanked the stakeholders for placing their trust in BOP and said that the bank has successfully managed a turn around after overcoming all challenges and now stands in the same row as other profitable financial institutions and banks of the country.