karachi -

KCCI President Muhammad Haroon Agar has expressed deep concern over the law and order situation in the industrial & financial capital of Pakistan.

Speaking to Director General of Pakistan Rangers Sindh Major General Rizwan Akhtar, Haroon Agar said rampant criminal activities viz. extortion (bhatta), kidnapping and killing for ransom, decoities etc. in the markets and industrial areas are causing widespread fear and harassment.

He appreciated that situation was improved and special powers notified to Rangers should continue for the sake of peace in Karachi. He urged to increase effective coordination between KCCI and Rangers through KCCI-Rangers Liaison Cell established at Karachi Chamber last year.   He highlighted that there are seven industrial zones and over 500 markets/commercial centres in Karachi. He voiced that prevailing unrest and law and order situation has shaken the confidence of the business and industrial community. To revive its confidence, the concerned quarters must pledge to control the situation.  Director General, Pakistan Rangers Sindh Major General Rizwan Akhtar, exchanging views with Haroon Agar and members of business community, stated that Karachi is the bloodline for Pakistan and centre for commercial and economic activities.

The problems in Karachi are comparatively high due to its economic importance. He said that the Pakistan Rangers was notified special powers on 25th August, 2011 to play its role to control the deteriorating law and order situation.

He said the perception that Rangers has all powers is wrong. He was of the view that criminals are arrested but often released without punishment which refers government’s attention for new legislation and speedy trials with protection to the witnesses. He said that the Rangers is well aware about the problems of the business and industrial community and committed to play its role.