After the sad demise of Shahzeb Khan, we see another similar tragedy in Karachi. Hamza Ahmed, a 17 years old student was shot dead by the guard of another student of his age. This incident represents the mindset of people like Sharukh Jatoi, who can break the law whenever they want and get away with it, as we have all seen! This increase in lawlessness is nothing new, the only reason we are hearing about such news is because there is a free media now. I don’t hold much hope for Hamza to get any justice, because there is no justice in Pakistan! Despite CJ taking so moto notice of the case and Sharukh Jatoi’s return to Pakistan, nothing has come of it! In Pakistan the only language understood is ‘Money.’

Though Shoaib Naveed, the main accused in the murder of Hamza Ahmed is in police custody, I am sure his family will get the charges dropped as soon as possible. Now we all know that our lives are of no importance to anyone here in this land of the pure.

We can die any time in a bomb blast, firing on the streets or by any rich person with means. What we need to understand is that the life of innocent people is at risk as yesterday it was Shahzeb Khan, today Hamza Ahmed, tomorrow who knows whose son or daughter is killed, by these lawless rich people, as they hold nothing sacred?


Karachi, April 28.