LAHORE - Political parties have made music -- patriotic and party-themed songs -- an integral part of their election campaigns.

Whether in television advertisement or in public and corner meetings of election candidates, playing popular national songs and party-themed songs have become a cult that is being practiced by all major parties including the PTI, JI, MQM, PPP, PML-Q and PML-N.

A trend of playing national anthem at the start of any major public meetings has taken root in this year’s electioneering.

From Faiz Ahmad Fiaz’ popular poem, Lazim hay k hum bhi daikhain gay, to the songs of Ataullah Khan Esakhailvi and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, audience are being entertained with melodious music at almost every public gathering.

“Yes, the PTI is the trend setter of this cult and no doubt PML-N and PPP positively followed it,” said an enthusiastic young voter Raheel.

Those who sang songs for political parties are: Ataullah Esakhailvi, Ibrarul Haq, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jawad Ahmed, Shehzad Roy and Nooran Lal.

“Youth is main stakeholders of this election and political parties have tried to attract them by music,” said Dr Munawar Sabir, a professor in Punjab University.

He opines that youth is appeared to be actively involved in electoral process and national songs, no doubt, were creating a patriotic passion among them.   

“Playing music is positive step taken by major political parties for attracting masses and especially young generation but the thing is that they must not overlap the politics of issues and debate,” commented Sabir.  He said that continuity of the democratic process would bring prosperity and development and peaceful election would play a vital role in it.