Lahore - An American courier company, owned by a Pakistani-US national, has offered to provide its services to the ECP to courier votes of overseas Pakistanis on the eve of general elections.

Pilot Courier Worldwide Chairman Muhammad Iqbal wrote a letter to the ECP on Tuesday, stating that his company would use express service of FedEX, UPS or DHL to dispatch the votes of Pakistanis living abroad. The voters could send their sealed votes through aforementioned companies to the provincial offices of the ECP.

The company chairman said: “Owing a lot to the motherland, the Pilot Courier would provide the services of internationally reputed courier companies on up to 70 percent discount to facilitate the Pakistani expats.

It will be easier for Pakistanis to cast their votes as they would not have to travel back to Pakistan by leaving their work and their votes would directly reach the provincial offices of the ECP.”

According to the proposal, Nadra should generate a bar coded voting form and a voter abroad will take a printout of it by entering either his NIC or passport number.

After filling up the form, voter will attach a copy of his NIC/passport and dispatch it to the ECP offices. The ECP will verify that the post came from the same place mentioned by the sender and can also asked for some document such as utility bills to ensure transparency.