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Former Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan took eight turns in the past but all the time he was routed in the elections.

Addressing a Press conference following joining of a number of former Nazims with the PML-N on Tuesday, he said that the public enthusiasm in the PML-N rallies and their massive participation speak volumes of the thumping success of the party. ‘Arrow’, ‘bat’ and ‘cycle’ are one against the PML-N and they will all disperse on May 11, he added. Speaking on Imran Khan’s utterance that PML-N took five turns but failed, Shahbaz said Imran took eight turns but faced defeat.  He said it was amazing that Imran gave clean chit to President Asif Ali Zardari when actually he was the person responsible for driving the country into darkness and promoting corruption.  Imran cannot exonerate himself from giving cover to wrong policies of Zardari, he added. Shahbaz Sharif shed light on the public welfare projects initiated by his government in Punjab and said they were so impressive that the baffled Imran Khan while addressing a public meeting voiced for voting for the ‘tiger.’  He said his government in Punjab served the masses facing every odd from the Federal Government. He lamented that discrimination initiated by the last Federal Government was still continuing as 700mw of electricity in the share of Punjab was being diverted to other provinces.

On Imran Khan’s challenge to Nawaz Sharif for face to face debate,he said he had thrown the same challenge to Khan one and a half month ago but Imran did not turn up to face it. He said Imran Khan alleged that Metro bus cost Rs 70 billion and he had asked the Transparency International to judge veracity of the allegations.

The TI called Imran Khan to show up with proofs but he ran away, he said and added, second time PTI head ate a humble pie when he announced to face Nawaz Sharif in the elections but backed out.

In this background Imran’s challenge to Nawaz Sharif amounts to a big joke, he added.

To a question on the current wave of terrorism, he said, it is the failure of the caretaker government and the Election Commission.

He called upon the caretaker government to ensure security of the political leaders and the workers.

To a question on the comments of former Interior Minister Rehman Malik, he just remarked Malik was the ‘IG of the liars’ against whom the Supreme Court has also passed a verdict.