LAHORE - A nomad stabbed to death his 45-year-old wife and her paramour near Ring Road on Wednesday afternoon, police said.
Investigators say the killer, said to be a gypsy , attacked the lover of his wife with a knife after he found them both in the fields near their makeshift cottages alongside the Ravi River.
Mother of four, Razia Bibi, and Liaqat, also a gypsy , sustained multiple wounds and died of excessive bleeding. The killer, identified as Mumtaz, fled before the police reached the crime scene. Police moved the bodies to the morgue for autopsy.
The relatives of the deceased told the police that they had been staying alongside the river Ravi for the last two years.
 A duty-officer at the Ravi Road police station said that the police were waiting for complainants to submit an application to register the case. Police are conducting raids to arrest the killer while further investigations are underway. 
‘Couple’ attacked: Gunmen shot and wounded a ‘couple’ in Ichhra on Wednesday. Police said that Adeel along with his girlfriend Ayesha on a motorcycle were on their way to a market when two motorcyclists intercepted them in Ichhra. They opened fire on the girl and her friend and fled on their two-wheeler. The resident of Mozang and her boyfriend sustained serious bullet wounds and were rushed to a hospital. The police are investigating the case.