KARACHI  - Country has no mechanism to check the quality of wheat import from different countries to fulfill the consumption in local market.

The certificate of pre-shipment examine company is the only document to import the wheat in the country while local authorities unable to test or examine the quality of the wheat in Pakistan. The examination process of the imported wheat at local port was ended after issuance of SRO 2008 which resulting local authorities have lost their mandate to examine the standard of wheat. The Custom officials recently ceased substandard imported wheat from Ukraine and blamed the Plant Protection Department which is unlawful in the presence of SRO 2008.

Sources from Plant Protection Department informed that it is not the domain of PPD and demanded to examine the wheat quality and advised the authorities to form a committee for detailed observation for whole procedure and collect the sample of imported wheat to examine.

 The PPD is only responsible for the agricultural diseases and insects which are harmful for the corps, PPD has no mandate to certify the imported wheat for human consumption.  Sources further said, the documents for the shipment proves that the pre shipment examine companies are responsible for the standard and disease-free import of wheat.