KARACHI - Pakistani cueist Hamza Akbar defeated Indian Pankaj Advani 7-6 to clinch the Asian Snooker Championship title after a gap of 17. The final hotly-contested final was played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday.

Hamza, who became the second Pakistani to win Asia's top tournament after M Yousuf's triumph in 1998, stunned China's Zhang Yong to reach the final against Indian maestro Pankaj Advani. The 22-year-old, who became Pakistan's youngest national champion at the age of 19, was coming off the back of a dream run, beating compatriots Shahram Changezi and M Asif en route to the 31st Asian Snooker Championship final.

Hamza Akbar and Shahram Changezi had earlier set up an all-Pakistani quarterfinal after beating their rivals comfortably. Hamza prevailed over compatriot Asif 4-3 (29-97, 73-7, 46-75, 80-29, 66-2, 14-76, 68- 0), Shahram was also stretched to limits by his Indian rival Manan Chandra before winning 8-53, 44-71, 65-13, 7-57, 98-34, 72-13, 75-20.