It is a remorse that we have got a founding father like Muhammad Ali Jinnah and still we are so intolerant and mean. All those high, noble and elevated statements and the sayings by Quaid-e-Azam are displayed on the television screens and the newspapers everyday and we proudly use the words of Quaid in our advices and speeches . But we never tend to realize that where is the implementation and the practical proof of those words?

Our founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah codified a perfect picture of our national qualities composed of responsibility, courage, honesty, devotion to duty, faith and integrity. Jinnah displayed his national qualities by practical proof and gave us an example. He was a man of honor and a gentleman. His true and loyal leadership embrace everything. After our founder father Quaid, we got all the wicked and nasty people as our leaders and now all what we have is a disgusting and filthy bunch of thugs ruling our beloved homeland. Almost every law enduring politician in Pakistan would like the establishment of democratic constitutional law in Pakistan. But our main concern at the moment is that ,do we have any law and order abiding democrat ? Blunt wishes and soaring self righteous claims can never help democracy to prosper and neither can it bring our country on the road of prosperity, glory and success. It is time that we understand that our country needs us to change ourselves and rather than looking towards the edge first we need to be looking inwards.


Karachi, April 20.