S:     Do you also think that music is haram?

A:     Well I wouldn't say it was haram but I have to admit that if one starts loving music it fills up the mind. It leaves less space to think of God. I would call it a bad habit.

S:     But if music can fill our minds like this and feel so good, it mean we have a natural inclination to it. What is it with religious conservatives that make them want to cracking down on things that don't do harms to anyone. What does banning music achieve?

A:     I actually agree with you. But I think it should be in moderation. Music can be quite soothing.

S:     Well aren't you quite the enlightened moderate.

A:     But ill say another thing about nature, the best most soothing music I've heard is religious music. Naats, even gospel music, if it's in praise of God, I feel it means more.

S:     That's all in your head. Music is good if it is good. There are just some notes that sound good. The content is just superimposed lyrics. If the melody is beautiful, a song could be about anything.

A:     But the lyrics are also key. You wouldn't give religious music the time of the day, but you know very pop song churned out by Pitbull.

S:     It's not my fault that pop music is better marketed and more accessible, I think I'm pretty fair. Make a playlist of your favourites and I'll listen. I promise.