ZAHEDAN - Balochistan Chief Secretary, Saifullah Chattha has disclosed that security forces have arrested terrorist Abdul Sattar Rigi.

In an interview with Iranian news agency, Chattha assured Tehran that Pakistan will not let its soil be used for terrorist operations against Iran. He said Pakistan will make every effort to control its borders and provide security there.

Chattha said his country is serious to fight terrorist operations. The Pakistani forces will detain other terrorists like Abdul Sattar Rigi whenever they were identified, said he.

Referring to the presence of the Pakistani delegation in this southeastern Iranian province, Chattha said his country asked Iran to help its neighbour achieve peace, development and friendship.

Chattha made the remarks in a meeting with a senior cleric in Zahedan. The Pakistani official then referred to his travel to Iran, saying it aims at reviewing ways to deepen Islamabad-Tehran relations.

The Pakistani delegation led by Chattha is visiting Zahedan to attend the 18th meeting of Iran-Pakistan Joint Border Commission that started work on Tuesday.