Welcome to you Mr Xi Jinping , President of the Peoples Republic of China in Pakistan. As an ordinary citizen of Pakistan I cannot use the term of "Excellency" for you. You are very close to every citizen of Pakistan so you are not an excellency but more that that. To us the term excellency is an artificial manifestation. You are from a country which was under subjugation and cruelty and your forefathers were able to get independence for your people in 1949. As an ordinary citizen of Pakistan I here salute the Late Chairman Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and the Late Premier Zhou Enlai. Your country in its present form is reflective of dreams of our national poet Dr Iqbal.

Now you are here in Pakistan on a historic visit. You are warmly welcomed by all in this country. You are from a country which was always very dear to hearts and minds of average the Pakistani and Kashmiri. You are going to sign various agreements with Pakistani leaders.  You want an economic Corridor from Kashgar to Gawadar. Salute to your vision from ordinary citizens of Pakistan and Kashmir. On this occasion, you are also reminded of your pledges with Kashmiris. They just want their right of self determination to settle their future in accordance with their free will.

Mr Xi Jinping , you are again welcomed by ordinary citizens of Pakistan. We appreciate our honorable guest from our beloved country China. Our Prime Minister is also appreciated for arranging this historic visit. We want PM Nawaz to be remembered in future as was the PM Zhou Enlai.


Islamabad, April 20.