ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the government believes in the dignity of labour and understands that a prosperous workforce can enable Pakistan to compete in a globalised market environment.

"We believe that workers and employers are partners in the production process and their coordination and cooperation is essential for industrial peace, harmony and for full utilisation of their energies for socio-economic development of the country," the prime minister said in his message on the occasion of Labour Day (May 1).

The prime minister said this year May Day is being celebrated with the ambition once again to reaffirm government's commitment to the dignity of labour and to pay tribute to the valiant and heroic struggle of the workers of Chicago who gave their lives for a just working environment and fundamental rights. Workers, the prime minister said, no doubt, are the backbone of the industry and keep its wheels moving, adding it is the workers community, which due to hard work, has enabled the global economy to maintain high rates of economic growth, massive production and productivity.  The prime minister urged workers and employers to come forward and play their role in making Pakistan a role model and convey the message to the world that being one nation, they are united to face any challenge in the global world.