Lahore-Mohsin Naveed Ranjha known by the label of MNR is one of few fashion designers in Pakistan who have gained popularity in a short span of time. His style and designs are truly unique which makes his label stands apart. 

In an exclusive interview with The Nation he talks about his career in fashion industry. Following are excerpts of the interview: You have been working for a long time in fashion industry. How has your experience been? 

It’s going really great not only in terms of popularity of brand but also in terms of sales. I started my journey from a very small scale and now my stock room is bigger than my factory that I had four years back. I always had big goals in mind and still trying to achieve them. 

What are the pre-requisites to be a successful designer in Pakistan? 

In my opinion, every artist who wants to be successful and is passionate about his work needs to work hard not only in Pakistan but anywhere in the world.

How would you describe your design philosophy? 

I love nature so I always enjoy to design with its references. 

You are going to participate in BCW tell us something about the collection you made for it?

My collection name is Naqsh-e-Zareen that I am going to showcase at BCW gold edition. 

What are those priorities which you keep in mind while working on any new subject? 

I always try to keep client requirements in mind and which is I think is the reason of my small success. I really believe on the phrase ‘client Ka wrong b right Hota hai’. 

How do you see year 2016 for fashion industry? What trends will stay this year and which will be out? 

I guess people will do some experiments in 2016 and will try to bring some western silhouettes in Pakistan. 

What do you think about designer lawn trend going on now days? How do you see this current approach by designers bringing their own prints? 

I guess designers really help to boost textile industry of Pakistan and thousands of people are working in textile industry and feeding their families which are really good for our country. With this new trend of lawn we get reorganization all over the world. Mostly designers earn from bridals and in Pakistan there is short summer wedding season therefore it’s good for the designers to earn from lawn collection.

What makes your brand different in today’s overly crowded fashion world? 

I never answer this question because I believe that quality and commitment makes your brand different and unique from others. Name the people who are close to you in the industry and with whom you share your work and experience? Well! I have a lot of friends in this industry but when it comes to business I don’t share much with anyone. For me friends and business are two different entities and if you try to mix them up it will end up ruining both your friendship and business.

Do you have any new collection in the pipeline that Mohsin Naveed fans should be looking forward to? Yes, we are working on our very interesting Eid collection and the fact about this collection is that it is reasonably priced.

I trust on spreading happiness so on this special occasion we want everyone to wear designer outfit.