ISLAMABAD - While major opposition parties are raising objections on judicial commission’s ToRs proposed by the government to probe Panama Leaks, MQM is still indecisive to put weight behind opposition on this matter.

“Major opposition parties are asking MQM to join hands with them to pressurise the Nawaz government on Panama’s fiasco,” said sources in MQM, while talking to TheNation.

The MQM is not ready to go against incumbent government on the matter of judicial commission, as even given a nod to stand with it on this issue.

The party had even given a hint to accept the commission proposed by the government before the address of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to write a letter to chief Justice of Pakistan on it.

Sources said the MQM’s senior leadership was approached to change its mind and put weight behind opposition to pressurise the present government on the Panama Leaks.

Earlier, the party had clearly distanced itself from major opposition parties – PPP and PTI – over the formation of a judicial commission to probe the Panama Leaks as it tacitly decided to support the government. When contacted, MQM member said the MQM’s Rabita committee (Coordination committee) will decide it.

“The party has still not reached on any decision,” he added. The judicial commission, yet to be finalised, will probe the Panama leaks of 11.5 million files from an offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca that has revealed the financial wheeling and dealing of the world’s most prominent players, including the family of the prime minister of Pakistan. The data from Panama Papers, available on the website of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists — one of around 100 news organisations that worked on the data simultaneously — also reveals the offshore holdings of members of Prime Minister Sharif’s family. Now, a PTI’s senior leader Jhangir Tareen has also admitted of owing an offshore company in his children’s name.