Pakistan need a new constitution- a new social contract between the state and people. What is use of such a constitution which has failed to established the rule of law, failed to provide protection to the lives and properties of citizens, failed to ensure equality, education, healthcare, basic necessity of life, quick justice corruption free society, accountability of those in position of authority? The juicidiary is helpless in implementing its orders. The civilian government governance is pathetic. The present Constitution has been littered and rendered unintelligible by the amendments imposed by Dictator General Zia, which PPP and PMl-N governments failed to get ride off. There are many serious contradictions between the federal and parliamentary sham democratic system provided in the existing constitution. The presidential form of political system with empowered district governments having people participation in decision making is the solution for quick development of the country.

ENGR. S. T. HUSSAIN,Lahore, March 26.