Our ruling elites have become notorious around the globe for their erratic and irrational acts and schemes. They do nothing progressive and productive, durable and sustainable but only try to appease the people with lavish displays of power and grand festivals, leading to their great popularity with the common folk. They always consolidate their power through intrigue and subterfuge.

They reach the apex of their and become increasingly corrupt. They prefer to sell every public sector productive organization in the government to their cronies or cohort men. Their erratic policies and decisions often lead to increasing unrest among the people, in particular, the government employees.

Heavy taxation they always impose on most of the population just to increase tax revenue. They don’t hesitate to hire and rehire those who are the epitome of evil or debauchery. They rectify the situation by cutting subsidies but doing nothing innovative and pragmatic. They always continue the practice of buying off political adversaries.

Like many others, I always hope against hope and pray that someone God fearing and humanity caring, godly man will come to change the structure of the society, strengthen and give it a new lease on life.

HASHIM ABRO,Islamabad, March 24.