I want to draw your kind attention towards this serious matter where it is requested to please instruct the law and enforcement agencies to take the serious note of tobacco-smoking. Cigarettes have become popular to an alarming extent . They are seen in the mouths of even small children. The young boys are poisoning themselves. They are undermining their health. It is a very sad sight in the past, the people used huqqa. It used to costly and heavy. But modern cigars and cigarettes are very cheap. They can be had very easily. They can be carried in a pocket without any trouble. 

Tobacco-smoking is very injurious physically. The pulse of a smoker beats faster and his nerves are exited. The smoke effect the wind pipe and the lungs. The smokers suffer from colds and cough. They get bad and dirty teeth which cause other diseases. Eye-sight and digestion are damaged. Dead smokers get heart trouble. Not one good thing can be said for tobacco-smoking. Money is wasted. health is ruined and nothing at all is gained. 

Smoking is a source of moral danger also. It produce lethargy. It impairs national efficiency. Man becomes a slave to this habit. He can’t control his urge to smoke. 

It is earnestly hoped that concerned authorities will take immediate and urgent necessary action against smoking. Some law should be passed to relieve the people from the harmful effects of tobacco-smoking. 

AYESHA AFREEN,  Karachi, March 23.