SADIQABAD-The Nawaz government has badly failed to fulfil the promises it had made with the public regarding elimination of energy crisis and it will not be able to win over public trust in the next general elections.

PPP co-chairperson and former president Asif Ali Zardari stated during a meeting with the party office-bearers at Bilawal House in Karachi the other day, said a press release issued by local PPP office.

He said that Nawaz Sharif has been proved a corrupt person by the Supreme Court verdict on Panama case. “Prime Minister’s personal relations with Indian business tycoons have become security risks for Pakistan,” the former president said, adding that he will not sit idle until he sent the PM home. He urged the PPP workers to participate in the anti-government protests. He said that the rulers exploited the rights of the people of South Punjab which is condemnable.

On the occasion, Makhdoom Irtaza Hashmi and Raees Ibrahim Khalil invited the former president to visit RY Khan district which he accepted.


The Minthar Town Patrolling Post distributed pamphlets on harms of using tobacco in connection with anti-smoking campaign.

On the occasion, Patrolling Post In-charge ASI Ghulam Yaseen spoke to the public. He said that it is unlawful to sell cigarette to a person under the age of 28. Similarly, sale of cigarette is prohibited 50 metres around the boundaries of educational institutions. He said that smoking can cause lungs and mouth cancer and therefore, should be avoided.



Residents of Chak 216/P staged a protest in front of Press Club against the Mepco officials allegedly for thrashing a consumer over demand for restoration of his electricity connection.

Talking to media, they alleged that Mepco Lineman Rao Iftikhar disconnected power supply to the house of Imran Nazir over non-payment of electricity bill. When Nazir went to the Mepco office for restoration of his electricity connection, the lineman and contractor Asif along with 16 other unidentified persons thrashed him. “When Mepco SDO of Ahmedpur Lamma sub-division, Munsifullah Somroo was complained about the incident, he admonished us and asked us to leave his office immediately,” they regretted.

The protesting people alleged that the Mepco staffers are corrupt and do not perform their duty unless their palms are greased. “They overcharged Imran Nazir in electricity bill and when he complained them about their mistake, they did not listen to him and cut his electricity connection,” they said.

Residents including Ghulam Sarwar, Haji Abdus Sattar, Haji Aslam, Abdur Razzaq and Arif Naeem demanded Federal Minister for Water and Power Kh Asif, Mepco chief executive, FIA Multan director and Mepco Sadiqabad Xen to take action against the Mepco staff for beating up a citizen.

Imran Nazir, on the other hand, submitted an application to the Sadiqabad DSP for registration of a case against the Mepco officials.