Lahore - The interior ministry on Sunday issued a strong-worded statement against Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah, who the other day had asked Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali to resign from his position.

Shah on Saturday said the army has taken a right decision by rejecting the notification on Dawn leaks and asked Nisar to step down if he is not “stubborn” and egotistic.

Calling Shah’s statement nonsensical and illogical, the ministry spokesperson said yesterday that the minister did not consider it appropriate to respond to such ‘baseless utterances’.

Bashing the Opposition Leader, the spokesperson said that some people cannot come out of their origin and past mentality.

“It seems that Khursheed Shah, morally and mentally, still holds that level when he started his job [as a clerk] at Karachi Electric Supply Corporation back in 70s.”

The statement issued to media from Islamabad also said, linking every irrelevant thing to interior minister clearly reflects political, moral and personal bankruptcy of such persons. The spokesperson expressed anger saying as to why some sections of media highlight such baseless, misleading and outlandish statements.

“In case the response from interior minister is needed, suffice to say that some people in their enmity of the interior minister are victim to such level of degradation that they are not willing to come out of their past training and mentality—the level that is clearly manifested through their statements,” the statement read.