LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the unity of the religious forces was inevitable for safeguarding the Islamic identity of the country.

Addressing meeting of the Jamiat-e-Talaba Arabia at JI head office Mansoora yesterday, he said that the colonial powers and international establishment were conspiring to undo the Islamic identity of this country and unfortunately, the country’s rulers were also advancing the enemy agenda. 

He said the row between the state institutions on Dawn leak was due to the incompetence and mishandling of the issue by the government. He said that the leak report was out a day before its being made public. He asked the Interior Minister to explain who was responsible for this lapse.

The JI chief impressed upon the religious leadership to sink their petty differences and unite on one platform. He said that the safeguarding the country’s identity was far more important at this stage than the personal and party considerations. He said if the religious forces did not realize their real role at this juncture and stuck to their minor differences, the new generation of those loyal to the East India Company would not hesitate in playing with the country’s solidarity.

Haq said that the poor masses had always offered sacrifices for the country while the so called elite had been compromising on vital national interests for personal gains.

He said that the country at present was facing conspiracies both from within and outside and its defense was a sacred Jehad.

He said there was no obstacle in the unity of the religious forces as the common goal before them was the enforcement of the Shariah. He said that the differences of the Ulema always benefitted the vested interests.

He said that the JIT investigations would reveal the corruption of the ruling family and it was honorable for the Prime Minister to resign at this stage. He said the lesson of history was that Pride hath a fall, and the present rulers should also learn from this.