KARACHI - In response to allegations being leveled by some quarters, K-Electric has re-iterated that all charges relating to overbilling are baseless.

“These claims have already been rejected after detailed review by the competent authorities,” the KE spokesperson said on Sunday.

He added the power utility strongly condemned misinformation and unfounded allegations being spread by certain individuals, which, he argued, largely raised their heads after the drive against power theft began.

“With regard to the cost of electricity, the government has implemented a Uniform Tariff Policy across Pakistan, including Karachi,” he added.

He further said that all billing was done as per regulatory processes and guidelines. “KE offers a wide range of customer care touch points from call center, live chat via SMS, 24/7 operational social media, centralized handling of complaints via web, dedicated customer care offices in 29 IBCs to mobilising mobile vans across the city to facilitate consumers at their doorstep,” he added.

“Furthermore, under the law, consumers have various forums available for raising billing or other complaints, namely electric inspector, federal ombudsman, honorable courts and NEPRA,” he elaborated.

During the past six months, out of 15 million bills, generated by the power utility, only 0.07 percent were referred and heard by the federal ombudsman, out of which 83 percent were decided in favour of KE.

It is pertinent to mention here that all cases were not limited to billing alone.

“K-Electric has invested significantly in technological upgradation, including implementation of SAP IS-U, the world’s leading system for billing and use of handheld devices for meter reading which ensures efficiency, eliminates human intervention and creates transparency,” he explained.

KE has also been endorsed by various national and regional stakeholders for ensuring disclosure and transparency in its reporting.

The power utility reiterated that its prime responsibility was to serve the people of Karachi. “KE has also intensified the drive against power theft by installing hook (Kunda)-resistant Aerial Bundled Cables (ABCs), which is a novel concept for power distribution, guaranteeing both safety and higher system efficiencies around the world,” he said, and added, “The same is one of the major reasons for the current backlash from certain quarters. K-Electric has converted around 2,200 PMTs into ABC, which has resulted in noticeable reduction in power theft and hence loadshedding in many areas.”

“The power utility continues to have a vision of loadshedding free city and requests the community at large to help curb the menace of theft to achieve this vision,” he concluded.