KARACHI - Religious scholar and chief of Jamia Binoria Al-Aalamiya Mufti Naeem on Sunday announced to support Pak Sarzameen Party’s (PSP) million march.

He further urged PSP chairman Mustafa Kamal and MQM-P Convener Dr Farooq Sattar to forget the differences and work for the betterment of citizens.

He expressed these views while talking to media men after holding a meeting with PSP delegation that called on him at Jamia Binoria Al-Aalamiya Site Karachi. PSP leaders Anis Qaimkhani, Waseem Aftab and others were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, PSP chairman Mustafa Kamal said, “We have given the first invitation to Mufti Naeem to join PSP`s million march, scheduled to be held on May 14, and we are thankful to Mufti sahib for his support in this regard.”

“PSP has completed its one year in politics and during its movement for the rights of people has not thrown even a single stone,” Kamal said, and added, “We believe in politics of non-violence and invite people to join PSP for the prosperity of the country.”

Kamal vowed that PSP would raise the voice for deprived people at every forum. “Earlier the so-called stakeholder of the city remained in power for about nine years, but did not provide any relief to the citizens,” he said, and added, “The city has become a hub of issues as the provincial government has paid no heed to these issues.”

He added that Karachi was deprived of basic facilities like drinking water, transport, education, shortage of power and gas, medical facilities, unemployment and others.

He said that it was strange that on one hand MQM-P protested against the provincial government for depriving it of local government powers, while on the other it had given a free hand to the latter, under an undisclosed agreement, to carry on biased policy.

Speaking on the occasion, Mufti Naeem praised the work Kamal did during his stint as Karachi mayor.

He said that Karachi was pushed towards ethnic and sectarian war in the past, but the city cannot afford such conditions now.

He called upon Farooq Sattar to also join hands with Kamal in his struggle.

He assured Kamal of his complete support on the occasion.