It has been the usual but not as constitutional tradition that the employee who is terminated or victimised by various ways blaming him as committing misconduct or otherwise, approaches the law courts for justice on his own expenditure etc. whereas the authority who himself is highly corrupt, criminal and lavish spender of public money or misaproprietor of public funds, allows unlawful facilities to his/her relatives or his/her people of choice, makes Government expenditures to contest the cases lodged by the victimized employees. 

The honourable judges/courts may kindly restrain them all to defray all such court expenditures etc from his/her pockets so that he/she should not dare victimising their subordinates and do justice with all giving the equal treatment in official dealings. 

An officer who himself is highly corrupt and only caring for his/her status should not spend on such illegal expenditures on heavy fees for Advocates to be engaged to contest the case/petition lodged against him/her and also other spending he/she attempts to defray to make his/her position high and takes pride to victimise poor low graded employees serving ten or more years in the department or organisation. 

In this way it will be great chance for him/her to improve himself/herself and treat equally all his/her employees. The public funds can be saved in a befitting manner rather to spend public exchequer on lavish and wasteful activities. 


Sindh, April 13.