Though construction of KBD is vital, our successive governments have failed to form consensus and build the dam. Due to our procrastination, India takes undue advantage and built dams on upper Hyperion of Indus and other rivers and deny Pakistan of it’s share of water. On March 30, 2018 evening, when I heard news from electronic media that Pakistan government intends to hold referendum in the country regarding building of the Kalabagh Dam, I was filled with joy and happiness. I hope and pray for the success of this mission, which though late is the right one.

The ex-finance minister of current government while assuming power four years back, vowed to break the begging bowl and will not seek further loan from foreign financial institutions. However, unfortunately, nearly end of this government’s tenure, the foreign and internal debt has fallen in to a deep economic quagmire difficult to come out of. The new financial advisor, who has been appointed after the finance minister had to resign, assures us that Pakistan economy was on right path. Yet again, unfortunately, several financial indicators don’t support his claims. Instead of misguiding people with fake promises, the government needs to give clear picture of debt and economy and brace people for tough times ahead.


Islamabad, April 1.