Healthcare is a universal right for every gender across in the world but unfortunately, in Pakistan the third gender transgender person face barriers in accessing it. They face tremendous barriers based on gender discrimination from medical staff when try to access the healthcare system for common illness and injuries. However, due to the search for livelihood and nature of their occupation, they are at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/ AIDs and the absence of safe zones on hospital and access to treatment without feeling discriminated against, add the issue of access to healthcare more.  

The most important step toward improving access to healthcare for the transgender community lies in accepting its numbers as third gender in yet to be conducted census although last in last census report the exact number for Pakistan’s transgender population are not known. Moreover, the right figure may enable policymakers to better access the healthcare needs of this marginalized community. But it will take decades to change societal attitude toward transgender people. The government must take some short term steps to ensure that they can access healthcare with confidence. 


Turbat, April 1.