Unfortunately, a severe social evil that is prevailing in Pakistani society is sexual harassment. Be it children or women, they all are falling prey to it and are being victimized. This is happening everywhere and almost every other day in Pakistan. However, only few cases are highlighted by media and are brought into our attention while others are hidden from the eyes of media. Another such case that is prevailing on all the media platforms is a murder case from Faisalabad. A university student named Abida was brutally murdered after being tortured and her body was found on 25th March, 2018.  

Her murderers are roaming free and this has incited extreme protests in the city. Being citizens of Pakistan, it is one of our duties to raise voice against such activities through every platform that we have. Moreover, all the national institutions need to come on one page, leaving every other matter aside, to get an ever-lasting solution of this inhuman social evil. They need to get Pakistan out of it by devising a proper strategy. Justice is not just needed for Zainab, but for all those innocent souls who go through this insane ruthlessness. Justice is not only needed for Abida, but also for other women who are suffering. Justice is needed for all. 


Lahore, April 1.