MULTAN-Speakers at a seminar warned on Monday that the Qadianis, who became active in the era of former president Musharraf, were still violating Qadiani Act but no action was being taken against them as some personalities from the government patronized them.

The Azmat Khatme Nubuwwat seminar was organised by Tehrik Fidayan-e-Khatme Nubuwwat in connection with Qadiani Act enforcement day.

Speaking on the occasion, president of the Tehreek Dr Hafiz Khubaib Ahmad Jamal, Mufti Fazal Ahmad Qadri, Maulana Abdullah Khadim and others said that Qadianis were non-Muslims and the parliament unanimously decided this case in 1974. They added that the Qadianis did not accept this verdict and continued lobbying against this decision on national and international level. They said that former President Ziaul Haq made Qadiani Act part of constitution in 1984 which prohibited Qadianis to pretend as being Muslims. They said that it was an historic act of Gen Ziaul Haq that he prevented Qadianis from trapping Muslims and using different Muslim symbols.

They demanded the government to take immediate action to prevent Qadianis from doing illegal acts. They further asked the government to remove Qadianis from all key poss.