“Treatment of poor cancer patients” is a project, started in 2010-11, which could only treat the patients of blood cancer, and at least, 810 cancer patients got free treatment in KPK. The second round was in 2016 and it could only provide free treatment to 445-blood cancer patient. Recently, the CM of KPK, Mehmood Khan announced to revise the project for 2019-20 to 2022-22 and according to the reports, 3,615 cancer patients being treated freely and 5,353 more patients will be able to get free treatment in coming days. The recent revision of the project will deal with every kind of cancer patients not only blood but patients will be getting new medicines as well as they can call their doctors in an emergency.

The KPK government took an appreciative step. The poor patients must not lose their lives due to lack of facilities.


Singanisar, April 16.