Passion and youthful nonchalance can help to beat the favorites of Chelsea FC in the semifinal of the Europa League this Thursday evening, Eintracht Frankfurt's managing director Fredi Bobic told in a recent interview.

"They might be experienced when it comes to crucial games on that level, and they might be used to finals of all kinds, but we can catch up on that," the former German international commented in advance of the first leg this Thursday evening on home soil followed by the second leg on May 9 in London.

Team and fans are incredibly proud to be Germany's last remaining club on the international stage the 1996 European Champion emphasized.

"For our club, this is the most important game since we won the UEFA Cup in 1980," Bobic said adding: Crossing swords with an opponent standing for top international quality "gives us worldwide attention."

Despite Chelsea's colossal experience and its players individual class "they had to carry their share of problems lately."

Frankfurt, he is convinced "can beat them in two games" despite the enormous mental challenge the 2018 German Cup winner is facing after having beaten prominent European clubs such as Benfica, Inter Milan, Lazio Rome and Olympique Marseilles on its way into the last-four battles.

The 37 times capped former striker said meeting Chelsea "outshines everything we have experienced in the past years."

Bobic underlined the ambitions of the current fourth-ranked Bundesliga outfits. "We want to reach the final against one of international footballs big clubs, that is our big dream."

While the Eintracht's enthusiastic supporters are preparing to celebrate another football party new goals are within reach in the Bundesliga.

"To qualify for the 2019/2020 Champions League campaign would be an equivalent to winning the German Championship," Bobic said. Frankfurt is currently ranked fourth in the national league with three matchdays to go.

The 47-year-old is said to be the driving factor when it comes to the clubs' successful human resource management. Bobic discovered footballers cruising below universal radar screening before joining the team from the federal state of Hesse.

Having secretly sneaked up to significantly wealthier German clubs Frankfurt was far from able spending similar amounts of money.

Keywords such as team-spirit and an unbreakable mental strength tell vital parts of Frankfurt's inspiring story. Addressing fans dreams the side is said to be the last club standing for pure football romanticism. "Fans, team and club are like a family as we are comfortable with our underdog feeling,"

Meanwhile, some of his acquisitions cause growing international interest among Europe's top competitors. Luka Jovic, a 21-year old Serbian striker, is said to be the top issue for Real Madrid, Barcelona, and several Premier League contenders.

Together with his attacking colleagues Sebastien Haller and Ante Rebic Jovic gained international attention as the trio is called the "herd of buffalos" due to their fast-forwarding style often coming along like a force of nature.

Aside from the forwards Frankfurt's squad is full of performers taking their second chance or facing the opportunity of their lifetime. "We have a great team spirit and a healthy mixture of young and hungry forces and experienced performers," Bobic said.

Bobic is convinced Eintracht's squad can rely on its fans great support to survive Chelsea.

While the Europa League in Germany is often seen as a competition of minor significance are Frankfurt's fans dying to get tickets and be part of the party.

Pre-sales had to be stopped at 42.000 in advance of the games. "I have never experienced a similar enthusiasm in Germany," Bobic said adding the team's game joy is so visible that it was contagious.