LAHORE-On Monday night, singer Meesha Shafi appeared on a talk show with TV anchor Shahzeb Khanzada to discuss the allegations of sexual harassment she made against fellow musician Ali Zafar in April 2018.

Ali Zafar held an impromptu press conference outside court in the days before Shafi’s appearance on television and featured himself on several television shows, saying that Shafi had accused him of harassment for personal gains. He also said he and his family suffered because of Shafi’s claims against him.

Zafar tearfully reiterated his position in a subsequent interview with TV host Shahzad Iqbal, adding that by running a social media campaign against him, Shafi has tried to destroy his career.

Shafi spoke about the details of her harassment claim in her conversation with talk show host Shahzeb Khanzada, saying that after the alleged incident she was faced with a situation where she would have to work in a professional setting with Zafar, which she did not want to do.

Shafi says she had tried to resolve the matter initially without putting it in the public eye. “I told representatives of (Zafar’s) that I don’t want a controversy and that I don’t want to make that public. I asked his representatives if he could leave the project.”

Shafi said she also asked if she would accept an apology when she contacted representatives of Zafar to discuss the matter. Shafi said she said she was able to consider it.

“The answer I got from him was come home and talk to me,” Shafi says.

Shafi says she and her family have faced cyber bullying, slander, and assassination of characters since she made her harassment claim in 2018.

Also on Monday, in response to claims made by Zafar and his legal team in the preceding days, Shafi’s legal team issued a statement saying: “In Meesha’s sexual harassment case, Ali Zafar was not exonerated by any forum and the matter is pending before the Lahore High Court.”

The statement further clarified: “Ali Zafar’s statement that Meesha made sexual harassment allegations against him in order to get international fame and so as to get Canadian immigration is false and defamatory. His insinuation that Meesha wants to get recognition like Malala is equally condemnable as it appears that Ali Zafar believes that Malala made up a false story to get fame and immigration of a foreign country. Malala - the world’s youngest Nobel laureate and Pakistan’s pride is an inspiration to millions of young girls, women and men across the world and it is shameful what Ali Zafar thinks about her.”