KARACHI - Acting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that this is not the Pakistan of Bhutto of 1971, but this is the Pakistan of Imran Khan and no one could cast an evil eye on it.

Talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly here Tuesday, he said the Sindh card and Pashtun card have already been ended and now “we will play ‘corruption card’ against them.” He said the PTI is against the division of Sindh. Sindh and Pakistan are our parents and no one can divide their parents,” he pointed out, adding that they do not want division of Sindh rather division of resources.

Haleem Adil said the PPP has looted resources of Sindh with both hands. He said the PPP had termed Rao Anwar as his brave boy, who was involved in killing of Pashtuns. He said the funds for Sindh went to the accounts of Anwar Majeed and nothing was left for the poor masses of the province. He said the PPP committed corruption even in water and wheat, adding if it were possible to do corruption in distribution of air the PPP would have also done it.

He said that Bilawal is a young leader and he could do a lot for betterment of people, but he is reading what is given him to read. He said this why the politics of Bilawal has ended.

He said the stance of the ISPR is the stance of whole nation. He said our Captain along with whole nation is playing his role in defence of the country.

He said we have political alliance with MQM but their ideology is different. He said if MQM talks about the division of Sindh we do not accept it. He said the PPP want to hide its corruption in the slogan of ethnicity. He said we are united for the cause of Sindh. Sindh would remain united. He said the Prime Minister Imran Khan has already announced that his party is in favour of the unity of Sindh.

He said that the PTI would bring about transparency in all fields and take the corrupt persons to the task for development of the Sindh province. He stressed that every politician should give preference to better of the masses and province as people have voted them for serving the society and country. The assemblies and every department are being run with taxpayers money and it is a trust.

It is mission and manifesto of the PTI to serve the masses and develop the province and country into the vision of our forefathers, he added.