Ever since the recent prices hike, it is increasingly becoming very difficult for a non-professional to make ends meet. People have been vocal about their woes but there is no lack of tone-deaf responses. One such ridiculous and factors statement has given by speaker of KPK assembly Mushtaq Ghani, while and dressing at Peshawar press club saying “ Dou ki Jaga Ek roti khayain “(take one bread instead one eating two) to cope up with poverty and inflation. In response to a question relating to inflation and poverty, he said, “If a person, who eats two rotis in a day, bring the number to one then the next day he can afford to eat two to three rotis “. I dare to ask him, what about those who even cannot afford to have one roti. Why do not you try this idea /formula first at your home?

It is very difficult to comprehend the logic behind his statement, but it is absolute stupidity. In addition, it is confusing that if the minister wanted to imply that the poor people of the country have created their problems by eating a lot. Prime Minister Khan should censure such irrational and nonsensical ideas and statements, which add fuel to fire to publish woes.


Karachi, April 17.