Nowadays social media has opened a new debate on the topic that parliamentary system vs. presidential system.

Some people are raising the questions over the existing system and blaming it for the country’s volatility. On the other hand, some people are cautioning and calling the demand a wave of nostalgia for the already failed system in the country. The supporters of the presidential system are giving the arguments declaring the system more stable, easy and better future of the country. However, the supporters of the parliamentary system are reminding the past failures of the system and annunciating the dangerous repercussions for the country if the system applied. Amidst this discussion, the book “On the Edge of Chaos” by Dambisa Mayo has also initiated the same kind of debate in the international arena. The book has criticized the democratic system and declared it a failed one.

Since the seven decades, whatever the systems we have applied for the country one thing is missing from all systems. No system can bring the fruits for us until that we are not applying it in its true essence and manipulate it for the welfare of people.


Khairpur Mirs, April 16.